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Designed to address the harsh environment market need for a retrofit solution designed to significantly reduce size and weight requirements in space applications, the  OPTO-FIRE™ “optic core” offers a replacement for traditional copper cabling while delivering improved data transfer performance.



Designed and manufactured in the U.K., the Spectrum Control OPTO-FIRE™ micro-optical transceiver can be incorporated to improve critical data communication systems in space applications where data transfer reliability is critical.


Optical Fibre is up to 90% lighter and 70% lower in volume than traditional copper cabling. It can also carry up to 10 times the data over much longer distances without the signal reduction associated with copper. Optical Fibre is also non-conductive and insensitive to electromagnetic effects, making it perfect for use in next generation satellite technology.

Competitive Advantage

The new OPTO-FIRE™ range of optoelectronics transceivers products are designed, manufactured and qualified in full accordance to Class K. Importantly, the products are built following a full Space production route, utilise material sets and packaging that has Space provenance.

Explore Our Features

  • Single channel core covers data transfer rates from 20Mbps to 10Gbps providing future proof system integration
  • -50°C to +100°C expanded operating temperature for enhanced reliability
  • Proven error free performance over 1.1km of multimode fibre
  • Stable performance (<1dB Tx optical output) across the full operating temperature range
  • Protocol agnostic giving flexibility to system design
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.K. in accordance with MIL-PRF-38534 Class H & K

Product Portfolio

OPTO-FIRE™ Product Portfolio

OPTO-FIRE™ Evaluation Kit

This kit enables customers to easily evaluate the performance of Spectrum Control’s OPTO-FIRE™ range of products in their system/application.

We have developed evaluation kits, which enables lab replication/ evaluation of either single ended optical performance or full optical link within system applications.

They can be used in electrical and optical performance testing for all OPTO-FIRE™ products across the full temperature range.

The test board and socket are utilised for both product electrical burn in (100oC for 240hrs biased) and final product testing. During product qualification testing for steady state (100oC for 2000hrs), mechanical shock, vibration testing (active) and temperature cycling.

Optofire Evaluation Kit

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