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Got 5G? Spectrum Control's high-performance testing tools empower your successful roll-out across the spectrum.


To support the development, verification, and testing of 5G and Wi-Fi networks, services, and devices, including for Wi-Fi 6E, both tech giants and industry upstarts rely on our extensive portfolio of Programmable Attenuators, Switch/Attenuation/Phase Shifter Matrices, MIMO and beamforming accessories, and customized solutions.

Competitive Advantage

Spectrum Control's 5G and Wi-Fi solutions support product validation, optimization and production testing, all to enable faster, better and on-budget roll-out of your 5G and Wi-Fi 6E products and services. Our attenuator and switch products offer the user an extensive range of performance options and configurations to choose from, while maintaining standard programming commands and control interfaces for ease of use.

Explore our 5G and Wi-Fi 6E Testing & Optimization Tools


Programmable attenuators available in a variety of step sizes and frequency bands 

programmable attenuators
multichannel attenuators Multichannel programmable attenuator systems to ensure successful roll-out of your wireless devices, services, and applications  

High Power Attenuator enables high power (up to 400W) radio testing and profile simulation.

high power attenuator


phase shifters


Phase Shifters used to change the transmission phase angle of an input signal by adding propagation delay.  
  8401 Series 4x4 Butler Matrix Optimized for the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz and 4.8 to 6.0 GHz frequency bands. Used in test labs of the world’s leading technology companies. Test your newest router, smart device, chip set, or wireless links. View all of our Butler Matrices here. butler-matrix


RF Switch for routing RF signals between various inputs and outputs, by using RF switches, multiple tests can be performed without changing the setup.  


Wi-Fi 6E Multipath Emulator Produces true indoor multipath conditions for Wi-Fi MIMO device testing. Simulates TGn-A/B channel models. Integrated programmable phase shifter/delay line. Ideal for MIMO conductive testing. Multipath Emulator
test simulation Custom Testing Tools  

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