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EMI Solutions for the Military and Aerospace Industries

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Electromagnetic Solutions for Military & Aerospace

Spectrum Control solves EMI issues for EMC compliance, energy efficiency, and power management

Understanding how and where potential EMI and other problems exist in an electronic system can be an intimidating challenge. Spectrum Control’s design process begins with an extensive library of standard components, which are frequently used to develop into custom assemblies, offering a more complete, high-performance solution.

One of the most considerable advantages of Spectrum Control is our in-house test lab helping to evaluate, design, and produce products for the effective suppression of EMI. We rigorously test our designs to meet the stringent MIL standards and other global EMC regulations.

Flight Control Systems

Flight-Controls-1As aircraft systems become more electrified, flight control systems of military fighter jets, commercial aircraft, and helicopter EMI susceptibility increases. Spectrum Control’s EMI filters and connectors are needed to protect power systems, radars, collision avoidance, and airborne command and control to ensure operations are not interrupted or fail

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Weapon Systems & Munitions

Air-to-Ground-Missile-ResourceOur electromagnetic solutions protect sensitive electro-explosive devices contained in ordinance systems from premature actuation, misfiring, or unintentionally disabling. These EMI filtering products provide EMC design and enhancement capability to deliver high-performance devices for mobile artillery, guided munitions, and missile ignition.

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Radars & Sensors

Military-Vehicle-Radar-ResourceRadar and sensing systems, including aircraft fuel sensors, medium extended air defense systems (MEADS), electronic warfare, and targeting, are all designed to maintain safety and reliability. Our filtered connectors protect sensors from EMI. Ceramic capacitors will level out voltage fluctuations, safeguarding from the pulse of the radar signal.

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