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About Spectrum Control Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic capacitors are fixed-value capacitors where ceramic materials act as dielectrics. When an electrical circuit is connected to a voltage source, the ceramic capacitor stores an electrical charge in an electrostatic field between its conductors. Inside every EMI filter is a ceramic feedthrough capacitor. EMI suppression ceramic capacitors eliminate RF noise generated by electronic devices by reducing the input impedance. These components provide very accurate results, and the capacitance values of these capacitors are stable concerning the temperature, applied voltage, and frequency.

The two most frequently used types of ceramic capacitors are multi-layer ceramic capacitors, generally the capacitor of choice for applications where small-value capacitances are needed, and ceramic disc capacitors, often used as safety capacitors in electromagnetic interference suppression applications such as discrete EMI filters, filtered d-sub connectors, and filtered circular connectors.

Types of Ceramic Capacitors


Tubular Capacitors: Small, lightweight, high dielectric strength, and are impervious to moisture and contamination.

tubular capacitors
discoidal capacitors Discoidal Capacitors: Low profile and rugged design offering an excellent alternative to ceramic tube designs.  
  Planar Array Capacitors: Low profile and capable of meeting various geometric and electrical configurations. Planar Array Capacitors
Switchmode Power Supply capacitors Switchmode Power Supply Capacitors: Multi-layer assemblies with low ESR/ESL and are ideal for DC-DC applications  
NEW Product! High Voltage Chip Capacitors: Surface mount chip capacitor for applications with high voltage requirements up to 2500VDC. HighVoltCeramics

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About Spectrum Control's Capacitors

Our State College, PA (USA) facility builds and designs our ceramic capacitors. These products are excellent for high-frequency applications meeting end-user needs with various OD, ID, thickness, and configurations.

Our array ceramic capacitors have unparalleled electrical performance and reliability. They are low profile, compact, and have quick assembly times. These designs can incorporate multiple capacitance values, insulated lines, and ground lines in the same package to meet individual design specifications. This includes various custom and standard geometries, often used in filtered connector applications, both circular and d-sub designs.

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