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Supporting 5G, the defense industry, medical applications, and enabling DAS roll-outs.

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You can find Spectrum Control's coaxial attenuators in radar systems, in the newest mobile testing equipment, helping service providers deliver coverage, and performing under some of the harshest conditions.


Spectrum Control’s Inmet & Weinschel brands offer a wide selection of fixed microwave attenuators with frequency ranges from DC to 50 GHz, with power handling to 1,000 W. Our Weinschel brand high reliability attenuators meet or exceed many high reliability requirements imposed by military, government and commercial customers.

Both standard and custom designs are available.

Competitive Advantage

We design, test, and manufacture our attenuators and work with you to optimize performance for your specific application. We’ll also work with you to provide attenuators based on connector type, form factor requirements, and the materials best suited for your application. Plus, for any environmental concerns.

Core Differentiators:

  • On-site circuit fabrication, high frequency connector design, and 3-D modeling and simulation.
  • Proprietary resistor film technology that delivers extended peak power performance.
  • Solderless contacts to support applications where extreme shock, vibration and thermal variations must be considered.
  • Injection molded connectors for consistency, ruggedness, and repeatable electrical performance.
  • Custom design and manufacturing excellence.
  • Environmental testing capabilities.
  • Over 60 years of coaxial attenuators leadership.
  • Product delivery across defense, space, wireless, lab, medical, and other essential industries.

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Explore our Line of Coaxial Attenuators


Fixed Microwave Attenuators: A wide selection of fixed microwave attenuators with frequency ranges from DC to 50 GHz with power handling to 1,000 W.





High Reliability Attenuators: Weinschel brand High Reliability Attenuators comply with MIL-DTL-3933 for Space and Non-Space Level Fixed Attenuators.  
  Manual Step Attenuators: For those applications demanding broadband accuracy with low SWR and accurate repeatability over large attenuation ranges. aw-3053




And More: We also offer low PIM fixed attenuators, conduction cooled attenuators, specialty attenuators and others.  

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