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Quantum computing has the power to change our understanding of the world. But to function properly, quantum computers depend on cryogenic refrigeration systems that may require thousands of coaxial attenuators. Our newest attenuators, tested to 4mK, support these leading edge tools. Just one example of the quality, reliability and innovation of our coaxial attenuators.


You can find our coaxial attenuators not only in quantum computing and cryogenic applications, but also in satellites, radar systems, in the newest mobile testing equipment, helping service providers deliver coverage, and performing under some of the harshest conditions.

Cryo Attenuators Datasheets

Competitive Advantage

We offer a wide selection of fixed microwave attenuators with frequency ranges from DC to 50GHz, and power handling to 1,000 watts. We design, test, and manufacture our attenuators and work with you to optimize performance for your specific application. We’ll also work with you to provide attenuators based on connector type, form factor requirements, and the materials best suited for your application. Plus, for any environmental concerns.

Our high reliability attenuators are specifically designed to meet or exceed the requirements imposed by government, military and industry.

Core Differentiators (Cryo Attenuators):

  • DC - 40GHz (2.92mm)
  • DC - 18GHz (SMA and SMPM)
  • Tested to 4mK
  • We also offer chip attenuators, made from a proprietary thin-film technology, they maintain resistance down to near absolute zero. Download the datasheet here.


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Coaxial Attenuators


Powerfilm Chip Attenuators

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