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About Spectrum Control D-Sub Connectors

Filtered D-Sub Connectors manage electromagnetic interference (EMI) at the signal and power input/output (I/O). These connectors will improve performance, provide safe operation, save board space, and reduce costs. Applications that benefit from filtered D-sub connectors include commercial aerospace, military aircraft and weapons, medical electronics, industrial process equipment, and cellular base stations.

D-Sub Connectors are available in shell sizes from 9 to 50 and come in many termination types, including PC mount, wire wrap, solder cup, and 90° PCB. In addition, we offer a wide range of filtering options, allowing you to find the right balance between performance and economy.

For designs that demand even smaller connector packages, we offers a line of EMI Filtered Micro D-Sub Connectors. They are compact in size, lightweight, and have an environmentally sealed contact area when mated. The corrosion-resistant connectors offer superior electrical performance and are RoHS compliant. If you would like to discuss your requirements, Talk with an Engineer Today

Advantages of D-Sub Connectors

  • Low ground impedance: full ground plate and metallic shell provide minimal impedance and superior performance compared to onboard filter with high impedance
  • Eliminate re-radiation: filtered connector at interface leaves no path for bypassing the filter
  • Ground plane shielding: Spectrum Control’s filtered connector ground planes shield the box even at the connector port
  • Efficient space utilization: filters located in the connectors provide additional space on the PCB board
  • Consistent performance: filtered connectors provide more consistent pin-to-pin performance
  • Fewer components: filtered connectors reduce component count creating cost savings
  • Reliability: product 100% tested for defined key parameters

About Spectrum Control

We know it is rare to find an off-the-shelf connector that completely satisfies demanding, high-reliability applications environmental, mechanical, and electrical requirements. Our engineering team is ready to modify one of these existing designs or start with a "clean sheet" to ensure our connector satisfies all of your requirements.

Plus, we manufacture the ceramic capacitors used as the filtering element in all of their filtered connectors. They are designed and produced at our State College, PA (USA) facility. This provides customers with high-quality parts and the industry's shortest lead times.

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5G: Capable of 70 dB from 1GHz to 6GHz for high-frequency testing. NEW Product!

Ferrite Filtered: Solid slab of ferrite material used as the filtering element.

ferrite filtered
High Density72


High Density: High performance and reliable filtering in a high-density format.  
  High Performance: Available in both feedthrough capacitive and PI configurations. high performance
FilteredCombo72 Filtered Combo: High insertion loss with 20 or 40 Amp power contacts.  
  Filtered Micro: For designs that require even smaller connector packages. filtered micro

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