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About APITech EMI Filters

What is EMI?

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is an electromagnetic emission that causes interference in another electronic device. EMI encompasses the entire electromagnetic spectrum but is most applicable to modern electronic devices over the frequency range of 10 kHz to 10 GHz.

Real-world EMI situations often feature both conducted and radiated emissions, with any or all wires and cables acting as receiving or transmitting antennas.

Why are EMI Filters Important?

EMI can be from intentional or unintentional sources, continuous or intermittent, and at a single frequency or across a broad range of frequencies. Radiated EMI often requires shielding electronic components inside a metallic enclosure, and maintaining that shield requires cables and wires to be filtered at the point of entry. Filters reduce conducted EMI on wires and cables into and out of the enclosure. Point of entry feedthrough EMI filters require low-impedance coaxial connections to the metal enclosure to function correctly.

Types of EMI Filters

Spectrum Control’s discrete EMI/EMC filter products focus on miniaturization. We achieve high packing density in circuit designs that allow us to meet the needs where component size is a premium and the highest level of integration is desired. Whether an off-the-shelf solution or a custom-engineered design, we are the ideal source for discrete EMI filters.

Spectrum Control's industry-leading product line includes solder-in EMI filters, glass and resin seal EMI filters, surface mount EMI filters, and EMI filter arrays and plates. We offer over 800 standard QPL products and DSCC part numbers and the largest number of MIL-PRF-15733, MIL-PRF-28861, DSCC 84084, MIL-PRF-49470, and MIL-C-11015 filters.

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About Spectrum Control

Spectrum Control offers one of the largest and most trusted selections of EMI filters, components, and assembly solutions for EMC compliance, energy efficiency, and power management, addressing both conducted and radiated EMI. Our manufacturing capabilities, coupled with decades of EMC expertise and environmental test proficiencies, provide customers with world-class inception to compliance solutions.

Spectrum Control's fully equipped EMC testing laboratory and experienced engineering staff solve demanding EMC challenges. We can test your equipment, determine the state of compliance, and work with you in developing a viable solution for your EMI filtering needs.

Spectrum Control offers flexible solutions by allowing you to add connectors, modify terminations or add wire harnesses, thereby lowering your cost of acquisition and assembly, reducing your production time/costs and inventory while giving you a filter assembly that meets your unique EMI design challenges.

Explore our Discrete EMI Filter Products

Array Top-web


Multiline Surface Mount Array: Integrated surface mount package with exceptional EMI protection of signal and power lines.


Solder-in, Press-in, and Spanner Filters: Solder-in, knurled press-in, and 2-56 threaded spanner filters available.





Resin and Hermetically Sealed Filters: Highly reliable filters in the toughest environmental conditions.  
  Surface Mount Filters: Filters designed to provide a range of high-performance options with minimal PCB footprint. Surface Mount Filters (2)


Military Discrete


Military Standard Qualified Products  
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