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How to Protect Electrical Measurement Equipment

Electrical measurement is the method, device, and calculations used to measure electrical quantities, typically seen in industrial environments such as manufacturing facilities. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is an electromagnetic emission that can be destructive to electrical measurement equipment. Power line filters are ideal for filtering the AC or DC power entering these systems preventing EMI from harming these instruments. They are designed to attenuate all radio frequency emissions or energy above the applicable electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) specification.

Why are Power Line Filters Important?

Power line EMI filters are designed to attenuate (or reduce) all radio frequency emissions or energy above the applicable EMC specification. Proper installation of a filter network is critical to achieving successful filtering of electromagnetic interference. Spectrum Control recommends that power line filters be installed where the power line enters the equipment. The filter acts as a barrier between polluted energy and clean energy going into your equipment. The filter must be connected to an effective ground plane and where proximity does not couple radiated noise to the clean lines.

Types of Power Line Filters for Electrical Measurement Equipment

12-PMF-PMBDC - High Current Filters: the 12-PMF/PMB series of power line filters feature space-saving, compact construction. They are ideal for applications with higher current designs, up to 260A rated current, and the structure of these EMI filters provides effective shielding for noise generated externally and internally.

11-MPC-SeriesAC - PCB Appliance Filters: the 11-MPC series of power line filters are an economical option for a PCB-mounted option. The availability of up to 16A rated current allows it to run cooler than lower amp products. Its metal case option is better for grounding and shielding than plastic.

12-MMF-MMB-020AC - Dual Stage, High-Performance Filters: the 12-MMF/MMB series offers a wide variety of dual-stage filters with rated current products up to 50A. The two stages provided with this product provide excellent filtering characteristics and is epoxy molded for reliability.

About Spectrum Control

We Understand Power

“Follow the power cord” has long been a mantra for the power specialists at Spectrum Control. We offer a unique ability to understand and address AC and DC power issues ranging from EMC compliance to transient suppression, low voltage cut-off, circuit breakers, redundant power configurations, power distribution, and remote power system access.

EMI Testing – Finding the Problem

Crucial to finding a solution to an EMC problem is the ability to test for compliance. We conduct a wide range of EMC and environmental tests to help us identify potential issues and recommend design solutions. Our extensive in-house test capabilities allow for a faster turnaround of your complete design solution and lower total cost.

  • Ambient-free in-house shielded anechoic chamber
  • NARTE certified engineering staff
  • Highly accurate computer-controlled instrumentation accumulates and presents data in multiple formats
  • Testing to military and international commercial regulations

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