Rigorously test designs to meet the stringent MIL standards
Filter and condition the power to infrastructure equipment
Design and build high reliability custom filters to meet system and EN requirements
Plug-and-play designs cover a range of industrial applications


The in-house EMC lab with semi-anechoic chamber at our Fairview manufacturing facility offers our customers a flexible resource to assist in product development by identifying and correcting EMI susceptibility and/or emission problems. Spectrum Control will evaluate and tune installed filter performance to find a solution for your unique requirements.


Spectrum Control's fully equipped EMC testing laboratory and experienced engineering staff solve demanding EMC challenges. We can test your equipment, determine state of compliance, and work with you in developing a viable solution. It is not uncommon for our clients to leave our lab with an EMI solution prototype in hand.

Competitive Advantage

Having an in-house EMC lab gives Spectrum Control a unique competitive edge in designing and installing high-performance EMI filters that provide real-world EMC solutions.

Spectrum Control manufactures the broadest line of EMC compliance products in the industry and knows how to effectively implement those products to ensure our customers meet their system-level EMC requirements

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EMC Testing

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