See how EMP/HEMP filters protect sensitive equipment during hazardous conditions.

Single-line feedthrough filters protect systems from RF interference

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Spectrum Control's EMI Power Filter solutions offer comprehensive consulting, diagnostic testing, and world-class manufacturing providing an ideal solution to satisfy global EMC standards while meeting your design parameters.


Spectrum Control's rugged modeling capability for structural, thermal, and electrical requirements provide outstanding analytical design support.  We offer film capacitor capabilities for AC, self-healing, and safety requirements. Our coaxial filter technology and internal isolation, multi-pole feedthrough techniques provide superior insertion loss.

Spectrum Control incorporates our magnetics and ceramic capacitor technologies producing a vertically integrated design with the manufacture of custom, rugged, high-reliability filters, providing shorter lead times.

We have a full EMC compliance lab that can be utilized for customer compliance with system requirements.  Spectrum Control also has transient capabilities for military, lightning, and ESD specifications.

Competitive Advantage

Spectrum Control’s power filter engineering team has designed and tested filters that span the defense, medical, and telecommunications markets. We offer the most comprehensive product development in the industry and will design or recommend exactly the filter your solution requires.

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  Custom Designed Filters: For military, aerospace, telecom, medical, and industrial custom specifications. CustomPF1_1




EMP/HEMP Filters: Protect sensitive electronics during hazardous transient conditions.  
  Single-Line Filters: Bolt-in style with D-shaped bushing for easy installation. Single-Line-FT




Power Line Filters: Provide excellent attenuation for high voltage impulses.  
  Three-Phase Power Line Filters: Ideal for products that must conform to FCC Part 15 regulations. 13-PWB_1




DIN Rail Mounted Filters: Chassis mount for easy connections, installations, and replacements.  


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