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Solving the challenges of high temperature reliability in industrial and airborne environments

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TR-moduleSpectrum Control supplies the most robust, high quality and high performing electronic products for Space, Energy, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Defence markets with capabilities satisfying temperature ranges up to 225+c. Their technical expertise allows any challenges faced to be solved using their high reliability custom-designed manufacturing applications. We can partner with you to provide fit for purpose high temperature products and solutions that meets all your requirements including in house customised packaging.


Spectrum Control Great Yarmouth has decades of experience in product design and specialises in high-temperature electronics components, modules and hybrids, critical to high performance applications in harsh environments that require the smallest footprint.

cddhybridcutawayTemperature Ranges 

  • Standard Temperature -55c to 150c
  • High Temperature 150c to 175c
  • Extreme High Temperature 175c to 200c
  • Ultra High Temperature 200c to 225+c

Our thick-film hybrids and multi-chip modules are capable of performing at ultra-high temperatures and are designed to give maximum reliability in extreme conditions.

All our hybrid designs are manufactured and tested in our Great Yarmouth Accredited Test House in accordance with Class H & K.

Competitive Advantage

Our high temperature electronics offer high reliability, high performance, product quality, quick turnaround, customised packaging all designed, manufactured and tested in the UK to the highest standard.

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High Temperature Capabilities


Commercial Aerospace High Temperature Capabilities - From fuel pump control assemblies to highly integrated multi-layer hybrid microcircuits, we offer a wide range of custom design and manufacturing solutions.





Oil & Gas, Industrial and Energy Capabilities - We have a strong heritage of providing proven technologies to harsh environment markets. Our specialist techniques of bare semiconductor die on thick film ceramic interconnect overcomes the high temperature performance and reliability limitations of traditional glass fibre laminate printed circuit boards.


Medical Tooling & Instrumentation Capabilities - For medical applications where high reliability electronics are required for the harsh conditions such as autoclaves. We can provide custom solutions to ensure the reliability and electronic performance of surgical tools and instrumentation are maintained.



Custom test facility for space applications 3


Test House and Testing Capabilities - Our Great Yarmouth facility includes extensive climate, dynamic and electrical testing and expertise, providing a comprehensive range of services for both internal and external customers.



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