Our Nuclear Event Detector is equipped with the latest materials and technology to mitigate the effect of nuclear weapon outputs.
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Spectrum Control manufactures a low power Nuclear Event Detector (NED) equipped with the latest materials and technology to mitigate the effect of nuclear weapon outputs. This cutting-edge product detects the event and sets a system flag which can either remove power from the electronics to be protected or drive the system into a known and controllable state. It is readily integrated into systems to support nuclear hardening.



Designing circuits to operate through an event requires specialist expertise. Ideally, electronic system hardware is designed to be ‘rad-hard’ to the necessary level. This requires the use of exotic semiconductor processing and technologies such as Silicon-On-Sapphire (SOS) or Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI). Many electronic functions are not realised in these technologies and devices currently available usually carry a major cost penalty.

The Nuclear Event Detector is a highly effective, low cost solution for protecting system electronics exposed to a nuclear event by detecting and enabling power-down and allowing the system to be re-powered once the event has passed



  • Radiation hard to tactical/strategic nuclear environments
  • Low power consumption at 2mA from single 5V supply
  • Operates within specification over-55°C to +125°C
  • Precise radiation detection level with single external resistor
  • Accurate monostable pulse duration with single external capacitor
  • 100% Detection tested
  • Built-in selftest
  • Resettable output, bistable flag


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