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Spectrum Control Passive Coaxial Components

Spectrum Control's Inmet and Weinschel brands are world leaders in the design, manufacture, and support of passive components – an industry-leading innovator and global supplier for over 60 years. This includes coaxial connectors, coaxial attenuators, coaxial terminations, gain equalizers, bias tees, DC blocks, adapters, high-rel attenuators, and more. Passive components are mission-critical for radar, electronic warfare applications, the commercial wireless market, avionics, SATCOM, everywhere signal requirements must be met and maintained.


Coaxial Adapters & Connector Systems

Coaxial Adapters & Connector Systems

Our coaxial connectors, coaxial adapters and adapter systems are offered as precision In-Series and Between-Series with a variety of connector options and operating ranges from DC to 26.5 GHz.

Bias TeesBias Tees

Inmet brand bias tees combine quality and performance in a standard three-port network for general purpose applications. Our bias tees are manufactured for maximum performance and minimal disruption, in frequencies up to 50 GHz with multiple connector configurations.

Gain EqualizersGain Equalizers

Spectrum Control has over 2,500 active gain equalizer designs, and more than 200 customer applications worldwide. Plus, we have engineering staff devoted exclusively to its gain equalizer product line. Our gain equalizers are used in communications links, supporting the newest radar systems, onboard military aircraft, even aiding electronic warfare applications. Our product line includes negative slope equalizers, positive slope equalizers, parabolic and ripple equalizers. And our engineering, manufacturing and support teams are co-located in the same facility. Negative, Positive or Parabolic slope units can be built to meet your desired performance parameters in the DC-40 GHz frequency range.

Attenuators and TerminationsAttenuators and Terminations

Our Inmet and Weinschel brands offer a wide selection of coaxial attenuators with frequency ranges from DC to 50 GHz with power handling to 1,000 W. Plus, space-qualified high reliability attenuators, manual step attenuators, and programmable attenuators. Customers can choose their coaxial terminations by frequency type, power handling, connector type, and more. Both standard and custom designs are available. We have decades of experience providing the industry’s best coaxial attenuators and coaxial terminations for defense, radar, electronic warfare, commercial wireless, DAS installations, SATCOM, test & measurement, and more.

DC BlocksDC Blocks

Inmet brand DC Blocks are available in Inner Only, Outer Only and Inner/Outer designs, and with various frequency ranges and voltage ratings. We provide our customers general purpose DC blocks, broadband DC blocks, high voltage DC blocks and more. Our general purpose DC blocks have a capacitors which prevent the flow of audio and direct current (DC) frequencies while offering minimum interference to RF signals up to 50GHz. Insulation material on the outer DC blocks is a PEEK shell.

About APITech

Passive components are mission-critical for every application where your signal matters – that’s signal strength, signal frequency, signal power, signal range. We also know that your signal requirements vary depending on the application and environment. And we have the passive components and passive filters your application requires.

We design, test, and manufacture our passive components and work with you to optimize performance and product to your needs. We are the electromagnetic spectrum innovator. Experts in RF, microwave, and millimeter wave technologies, and the world leader in passive components. Contact us today.

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