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Spectrum Control offers a range of power distribution and conversion solutions for military communications, command post platforms, data centers, high-temperature industrial, radars and electronic warfare. Our solutions are built to keep the power going even in the most unforgiving environments.


Our power distribution units (PDUs) and conversion products enable reliable power for the toughest, most demanding military and field applications. Size, weight, power, length of operation, weather, geography, mobility, access, and other factors are addressed with our AC and DC SMARTStart PDUs; Power Entry Panels, and Tactical Power Supplies.

Competitive Advantage

Our power products offer commercial and defense customers superior power, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Product Features

DC Smartstart Gen II


DC SMARTStart II: Coming Soon! Packs a lot of power and unique features in a 1U configuration. The system includes flexible overload and short-circuit protection, an enhanced network interface, and high-power density with up to 10 kW capacity in a rack power distribution package. 


AC Switched Power Distribution Unit:

  • Remote operation and control capabilities via Telnet or Web interface
  • Power control capability to groups of outlets
  • Monitors input line voltage, total load current, line frequency, and remote external temperature (with optional temperature sensor)




DC Switched Power Distribution Unit:

  • -48 or +24/+28 Volts DC Power
  • Intelligent Switched PDU: SNMP, Telnet, or Web Interface
  • Reverse polarity protection

Tactical Power Supplies:

  • Features weatherproof and ruggedized construction
  • Rectifiers can withstand extreme temperatures (-40°C to 85°C)
  • Can handle shock, vibration, and water spray
  • DC rectifier reduces fuel consumption




Power Entry Panels:

  • Features both +24/28 VDC to 200 Amps and 3-Phase AC to 60 AMP per phase input/output distribution capability
  • PEPs include a 3-Phase 60 Amp pass through connector interface to support additional Forward Operating Base requirements.
  • Models are ruggedized, temperature stable and MIL-STD capable

HV DC Power Strips

  • The use of 380VDC in the lab reduces the number of power conversion devices thus reducing the need for Cooling costs, extending the life of critical infrastructure.
  • Lower overall lower total cost of ownership.
  • DC power eliminates the conversion process of changing AC to DC, reducing heat and lowering costs.




AC Power Master PDU:

  • Remote monitoring for autonomous equipment on land and sea.
  • Optional EPO button adds safety to training simulations.
  • Multiple types of AC outputs support a wide range of connected equipment.
  • Remote power sequencing and outlet sequencing. Designed for MIL-STD 810 standards.


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