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The Authors of this E-Book hosted a 'Meet the Authors' Event at IMS 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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A Guide to Developing Innovative 5G and Wi-Fi 6E Radio Services is about solving the RF challenges for commercial wireless manufacturers

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Chapter 1: The Global Perspective on 5G and Wi-Fi 6E from a spectrum innovator

Chapter 1


Even though mobile internet connections on 4G networks are perceived as fast enough for average users in that it is good for streaming HD videos or downloading music, apps, and games on the go – 5G, the next evolution of wireless networks, has already arrived and is expected to take off this year. The track is now being laid for 5G verticals, based on the demand and new business cases for mobile wireless. 5G is now poised to affect everything, everywhere.

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Chapter 2: Spectrum Management With Enhanced Filter Solutions

Chapter 2


The possibilities presented when discussing future visions for wireless networking and connectivity are raising expectations for wireless and radio applications in even slightly unrelated areas. For instance, the user experience and ubiquitous connectivity potential of 5G and Wi-Fi 6E, as well as its new use cases, is leading to the demand for satellite services to provide higher bandwidth and lower latency connectivity for a global wireless networking experience. Similarly, aircraft and other transportations services are now feeling an increasing pressure to provide a more enhanced wireless experience for passengers, users, and internal systems.

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Chapter 3: The Role of Surface Mount Resistives

Chapter 3


Mainly chip attenuators and chip resistors are used to control the signal level at the output or input of another signal chain element and for impedance matching between components. Though these use cases may sound simple, they are essential for ensuring high quality signal transmission through a wireless telecommunications circuit while using minimal circuit board real estate and headroom.

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Chapter 4: The Role of APITech in 5G and Wi-Fi 6 Testing

Chapter 4


Spectrum Control has expertise in developing essential wireless communications components, accessories, assemblies/modules, and even entire systems. With the expanding use of
wireless communications technology in various applications, operators and wireless
systems manufacturers need knowledgeable and skilled engineers able to meet the
challenges of the latest wireless communications generations. Wi-Fi 6E and 5G in particular, are presenting a new realm of testing and system design challenges, and APITech is uniquely positioned to help.

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Chapter 5: Mobile RF Traffic Simulation

Chapter 5


The taxonomy of 5G testing involves many types of user equipment (UE), test parameters, testing attributes, and testing environments in order to properly gauge the radiative performance of these devices. Spectrum Control offers testing solutions for a wide array of commercial wireless applications including 5G, Wi-Fi, and IoT device solutions. This section offers a brief introduction to the myriad of test equipment options.

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