TEMPEST desktops & printers, voice & video conferencing solutions, mobile solutions, and networking &  enclosures.

Standard and custom options enable the use of a wide range of unmodified equipment in TEMPEST environments.

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Emcon and SST solutions enable governments and defence agencies around the world to protect sensitive or classified information from covert surveillance and TEMPEST eavesdropping attacks that can lead to financial, political and/or life-threatening consequences.


We offer a broad and comprehensive range of TEMPEST solutions based on market leading OEM IT equipment such as HP, Dell, Cisco, NEC, and Juniper.

From RAID configurable Workstations to fully rugged laptops with integrated encrypted drives, our standard TEMPEST product range offers customers a broad range of reliable, robust solutions for use in multiple government and military applications, without compromising performance.

In addition to the standard range, we can develop custom solutions tailored to meet specific needs and augment our complete offering with a range of comprehensive services including, on site testing, training, consultancy, extended warranty and through-life managed services.

So whether you're looking for a traditional PC with local storage, or are moving to virtualization desktop environment via thin and zero clients, or require mobile solutions to communicate on the go, we have the solutions to meet these needs.

Competitive Advantage

We’ve been designing, developing and manufacturing innovative solutions that solve the most complex of TEMPEST security problems for over 30 years and are a trusted provider of government-certified solutions. Our TEMPEST-certified professionals have many years’ experience performing EMC and TEMPEST acceptance testing to military and government test standards, and we have our own TEMPEST test chambers in both the UK and Canada.

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  Desktop Solutions: We offer a comprehensive standard range of TEMPEST products that includes PC's, workstations, thin/zero clients, monitors, KVM’s and accessories. Small enclosure
x500-processing server-M Mobile and Rugged Solutions: Our mobile products include the lightest, secure office TEMPEST A laptop on the market, mobile thin clients for customers who want to have minimal storage on the end point, and mobile print and scan solutions.  
  Cabinets and Enclosures: From 4U to 42U, our comprehensive range of shielded racks, cabinets, and custom enclosures, provide a high level of RFI attenuation complemented by a comprehensive set of design and security features. Cabinets group
Page Wide Printer Print, Scan, and Fax Solutions: Our wide range of TEMPEST print, scan and fax solutions includes multi-function and single-function printers, as well as scanners, and faxes.  
  Voice and Video Solutions: We offer a comprehensive range of voice and video solutions including VoIP phones, and a range of video conferencing options. Room Kit
Crypto Networking Solutions: We offer a comprehensive range of voice and video solutions including VoIP phones, and a range of video conferencing options.  
  Flyaway Kits and Custom Solutions: Designed with portability in mind, our Flyaway Kit is a powerful, compact, mobile teleconferencing system. Flyaway Updated 5
  Consulting and Services: We offer training, consultation and custom TEMPEST testing as well as providing cost-effective managed service agreements and extended warranty.  

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