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Power filters protect UAV ground stations from EMI, improving operation effectiveness

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Electromagnetic Solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

UAV-Resource-Page-2Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is an electromagnetic emission that causes interference in another electronic device. EMI can be from intentional or unintentional sources, continuous or intermittent, at a single frequency or across a broad range of frequencies. EMI solutions are a crucial element in the design and manufacture of military defense products such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). If a mission-critical system is not protected from EMI, it could malfunction or completely fail, input coordinates can be corrupted, and the communicated information may not be accurate.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are air vehicles that do not carry a human pilot and are frequently used by the military. These remotely piloted systems are built with electronics susceptible to EMI, including ground control stations, guidance displays, sensors, flight controls, and communication signal translators. Spectrum Control has over five decades of experience in the design of mission-critical systems to suppress or eliminate EMI.

Filtered Circular Connectors for UAVs


  • Application description: commonly known as a drone, without a human pilot aboard consisting of UAV, ground controller, and a system of communications between the two, operating either under remote control by a human operator or autonomously with onboard computers.
  • Our product: series of custom, circular filtered connectors designed to ensure the system functions accurately.
  • Why Spectrum Control? We have the EMC capability to test and design products specific to UAV requirements.

Power Filters Universal UAV Ground Control Station


  • Application description: multi-purpose UAV ground control stations (UGCS) can provide human control of these devices from land or sea-based centers.
  • Our product: high performance EMI power filter assemblies used to suppress conducted interference present on both power and signal lines.
  • Why Spectrum Control? We have decades of design experience interpreting custom specifications that allow seamless development of difficult designs.

Discrete EMI Filters for Military UAV Guidance Sensors


  • Application description: electronics and a battlefield network to display information on enemy targets and friendly units on a monitor and the sensor data can be sourced UAVs.
  • Our product: hermetically sealed EMI filter used to ensure the sensors operate when they should and not when they should not.
  • Why Spectrum Control? We have the capabilities to build and test unique design requirements.

Filtered D-Sub Connectors for UAV Applications, Flight Controls, & RF Communications Signal Translator

Micro D 001 (1)

Filtered D-Sub Connectors for UAV Flight Controls:

  • Application description: high-performance, fully integrated flight control system for tactical UAVs.

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