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About Spectrum Control Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

What are Electromagnetic Pulses? EMP, HEMP, IEMI, HPEM

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Effect: energy passing through an I/O or aperture/opening and disrupts or destroys integrated circuits.

High Altitude Electromagnetic (HEMP) Effect: near-instantaneous energy created by a nuclear detonation.

IEMI: intentional malicious generation of electromagnetic energy introducing noise or signals into electric and electronic systems, disrupting, confusing, or damaging these systems for terrorist or criminal purposes.

High Power Electromagnetics (HPEM): general category of transients in electromagnetic environments where peak electric and magnetic fields are very high. These include lightning strikes, electrostatic discharge, arcing events, electromagnetic fields created by a radar system, EMP burst, HEMP burst, IEMI, high power microwave (HPM).

Spectum Control Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Filters

Spectrum Control’s EMP/HEMP filters are designed to protect sensitive electronics equipment during hazardous transient conditions, such as electromagnetic pulses.

HEMP 30A-2Electromagnetic pulse protection filters are employed to absorb a potentially destructive overshoot voltage. Under normal operating conditions, the suppressor circuit exhibits high state impedance that appears transparent to the circuits they protect. If a voltage exceeding the switching voltage is applied to the circuit, the suppressor circuit switches to a very low impedance, effectively shorting out the high voltage. The suppressor circuit will remain in the low impedance state until the current flowing through the suppressor is interrupted or drops to a safe level. Once this occurs, the suppressor resets and returns to a high state impedance.

These high voltage EMP/HEMP Filters will also help meet the requirements of MIL-STD-188-125.

Differentiators of Spectrum Control’s Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

  • Market: addresses the need in all major markets and applications
  • Technology: delivers a protective filtering solution that meets emerging requirements
  • Performance: delivers transient protection over traditional EMI filters
  • Size, Weight, Connectivity: one of the smallest form factors and offering a wide range of interconnect options

About Spectrum Control

HEMP Filter 2_adj-2Spectrum Control has over five decades of custom power filter design and testing experience supporting military requirements. We offer low NRE, quick turn design to production, and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions. Our coaxial filter technology, ceramic capacitor capabilities, and magnetic solutions allow us to design and manufacture custom, rugged, high-reliability filters with shorter lead times than competitors.

We have a fully equipped EMC testing laboratory for customer compliance with specific system requirements. This offers a flexible resource to assist in product development by identifying and correcting EMI susceptibility and emission problems. Transient testing (military, lightning, ESD) is also provided.