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Spectrum Control is your source for high-performance RF and microwave signal conditioning, and electromagnetic spectrum management solutions. We have been an electromagnetic spectrum innovator for over 40 years and are a leading manufacturer of RF microwave components, ceramic capacitors, coaxial products, and much more. On this page, you will find resources about our best-selling products,  case studies, and videos.



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Nuclear Event Detectors: https://info.apitech.com/ned

OPTO-FIRE™ Optical Transceivers for Space: https://info.apitech.com/opto-fire-resource-page

High Temperature Electronics Solutions: https://info.apitech.com/high-temp-resource-page

X-Band Quad Transmit Receive Modules: https://info.apitech.com/qtrm-resource-page

Components for Space: https://info.apitech.com/space-components-resource-page

Multi-Chip Modules and MMICs:  https://info.apitech.com/mcm-mmic

Limiters and Receivers: https://info.apitech.com/limiters-receivers

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