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AmplifiersSpectrum Control’s talented group of engineers have crafted a selection of amplifiers that meets and exceeds their customers' expectations, and continues to build upon that excellent reputation. Our Pre-Filtered GPS Low Noise Amplifier modules leverage our core competencies in low-loss filter, amplifier, and mechanical design.


312-series-gps-lna-highresGPS navigation and timing systems are a necessity in almost every market place spanning both commercial and military applications. Manufacturing a custom solution to mitigate interference issues can be inherently expensive with the cost of NRE and qualification testing, in addition to long development cycles. The 312 Series Pre-Filtered GPS LNA is the solution to these problems. It is a high performance product that was designed for custom platforms without the high cost associated with a custom solution.

Competitive Advantage

Spectrum Control is a leading provider of pre-filtered GPS LNAs designed to amplify signals while filtering out interferers. Our core competencies in low-loss filter, amplifier, and mechanical design create modules that maximize out-of-band rejection and minimizes system noise within a small, low-cost footprint. Our LNA modules exhibit excellent anti-jam performance for systems that require a clear signal.

Product Features

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  • Pre-Filtered

  • Low Noise Figure, 1.8 dB Typical

  • Wide Input Voltage Range

  • Tested to many MIL-STD-810 & MILSTD-461 Requirements

  • Small Lightweight Hermetic Package

  • Contact factory for custom configurations

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